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Welcome to Elisabeth Eide's homepage, English version!

Unfortunately, most of my publications are in Norwegian language, but here are a few links which may prove useful for English speakers:

New books:

Down there & Up here: Orientalism and Othering in Feature Stories. Hampton Press May 2011

Edited with Kaarina Nikunen: Media in Motion. Cultural Complexity and Migration in the Nordic Region. Ashgate Jan 2011

Edited with Risto Kunelius & Ville Kumpu: Global climate - local journalisms. A transnational study of how media make sense of climate summits. Projekt Verlag Nov 2010

Written with Terje Skaufjord: Pakistan - midt i verden (Pakistan in the Centre of the world). Pax forlag, August 2010

Edited with Risto Kunelius and Angela Phillips: Transnational Media Events. The Mohammed Cartoons and the Imagined Clash of Civilizations. Nordicom 2008

Edited with Risto Kunelius & others: Reading the Mohammed Cartoons Controversy. An International Analysis of Press Discourses on Free Speech and Political Spin. Projekt verlag 2007

Several articles are available: This page will be further updated in August!

Fiction and related:

An Afghanistan Anthology (2004) Bitter almonds: 18 writers in Kabul

Letter to an Unknown Friend: Speech at International PEN’s World congress in Tromsø 2004

Five novels, published in Norwegian (and some other languages, but not English):

Until Kabul Falls (1994)

The Wheel of Development (1997)

Where Darkhess Plays with Time (1998)

Targets (2000)

To find you (2005). Click here for sample translation (3 chapters in English)


Climate Crossroads - media, politics and Climate change (sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council

MediaClimate: A network of researchers monitoring the COPs - i.e. the Climate Summits

Media and Minority Actors (supported by Culcom programme at Oslo University)

My doctoral thesis, defended in November 2002.
(If you need this book, please e-mail (

Lectures at the dissertation:

'Being the Other' or tourist in her reality? Reporters' attempts at cross-identification (a version later published in Social Identities 1/2007)

What novels can do, and journalism can not. On the relationship between fiction and reportage

Other articles or papers in English:

The Empire and the Egyptians, Nordicom Review 2/2006

Warfare and dual vision, in: Ottosen/Nohrstedt (eds.): U.S. and the Others. Global Media Images on “The War on Terror” (2004)

The Long Distance Runner and Discourses on Europe's Others. Ethnic Minority Representation in Feature Stories

Gender and media - lecture at a seminar initiated by IAWRT (International Association of Women in Radio and Television), NRK, Oslo, december 2000

The Twenty Per cent Limit. On Gender and Norwegian Media, WIN News

Is the African Woman Allowed to Speak? Paper to IAMCR-conference, Glasgow, 1998

Recommended websites: (a website publishing a variety of critical, radical intellectuals/journalists) (a website concerned with media critique) (a very informative website – daily updated – on Afghanistan)